Botox Side Effects: What To Expect After Your Injections in Lincoln Park

If you are curious about booking your first BOTOX® treatment, your top questions may be about Botox side effects and what you can expect after your injections.

As the premier provider of Botox injections in Lincoln Park, Images Med Spa helps men and women in the greater Chicago area treat their wrinkles to look and feel their best! Our Botox specialists have years of experience and will address all your concerns about Botox side effects, how many units you need, and more.

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles in Lincoln Park

Keep reading to learn more about what to expect in the days, weeks, and months after your Botox injections in Lincoln Park.

Here’s what happens when you come to Images for Botox in Lincoln Park

After you have consulted with the Images babes and gone over your concerns and goals for your skin, we will schedule your Botox injections at our Lincoln Park location.

These injections may occur in combination with dermal fillers to properly fill all your fine lines and wrinkles and make sure you leave our office looking years younger!

A licensed, experienced aesthetician will perform the injections in your forehead, around your eyes, the sides of the chin, around the nose, or some combination of these based on your individual features and concerns.

Immediate Botox side effects

Complications and negative side effects are rare and typically occur due to unknown (or unreported to your specialist) allergies, as well as improper injection methods or incorrect dosage.

You have probably seen someone who has clearly had too much Botox and looks frozen, shiny, or fake. Other negative Botox side effects are drooping eyelids, crooked smile, or crooked eyebrows caused by injecting material into the wrong spot or unintentional diffusion.

These side effects are only prominent when your aesthetician is not experienced. At Images Med Spa in Lincoln Park, we train our girls under the careful supervision of our expert providers to ensure they’re fully capable of providing you with Botox injections that will give you the results you want and nothing more.

The most common Botox side effects we see at Images are redness and swelling, which usually resolve within an hour.

How to avoid Botox side effects

The best way to avoid negative Botox side effects is to do proper provider research and make sure you tell your provider about your allergies, your medical history, and any medications you are currently taking.

When you come for your consultation at Images Lincoln Park, we can show you our licenses and go over our qualifications, training, and continuing education protocols with you. We can also provide client testimonials and before and after photos. Then we will review how many units of Botox you’ll need to achieve your goals.

Rest assured knowing you are in highly experienced hands when you come to Images for your Botox injections in Lincoln Park.

Long-term Botox side effects – what happens in the weeks after my injections?

Four to five days after your Botox in Lincoln Park, you will begin to notice the ahh-mazing side effects of Botox! 🤩 Your dynamic wrinkles and fine lines will begin to soften and fade, with results continuing to improve over the next two weeks.

Four to five months after the injections, you will notice movement in the treated muscles beginning to return. We recommend scheduling follow up treatments to maintain your results and keep new wrinkles from forming.

The good news for the people you have seen with bad Botox side effects? These results are not permanent!

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